Jacob Goldstein -- Temporary Black Belt

Post date: Sep 28, 2014 3:39:36 PM

My TKD Paper

What Tae Kwon Do means to me is that I can fulfill and overcome. It means that I am strong, but that I can also control myself. Tae Kwon Do also shows me that I can do anything that I set my mind to, even if it seems impossible at first. Tae Kwon Do is something really special that I have gotten to experience that most kids could ever even dream of doing. That is what Tae Kwon Do means to me.

    I joined Tae Kwon Do because I was always getting picked on in school. I picked Tae Kwon Do because it teaches me both self-defense and how to attack. Another reason I joined was because I needed something fun to keep me occupied and in shape. I also just wanted to have something to do with my family.

    Tae Kwon Do has helped me grow and mature by teaching me to respect adults and my peers. It has helped teach me how to preserver even if it seems too hard to achieve. Tae Kwon Do has helped me mature by teaching me self-control whether it is in sparring or if it is to help me suppress my anger. Tae Kwon Do has made me stronger both physically and mentally.

    Tae Kwon Do is something that is really important to me in my life because it helps me stand out and be more unique. It also has helped make new friends in both Tae Kwon Do and in school. It has also given my family a chance to bond and hang out together. I have learned a lot about martial arts that I did not know before, like how technique is a lot more important than power. I have also learned how to preserver even through pain and exhaustion.

    I am thankful for my mom, dad, and grandma because they were always there to usher me to and from Tae Kwon Do, even if they had something else going on. My whole family and all of my friends have been here to support and push me through my experience. I would also like to thank my instructors for mentoring me and helping push me through my journey.

Pil Sung