Sidd Gupta -- Temporary Black Belt

Post date: Apr 15, 2024

My Tae Kwon Do Journey

“As you think your journey is done, there’s still more to accomplish, even if you have reached your highest..” - By Sidd

My name is Sidd and this is my taekwondo journey.

I started as a white belt. I thought that taekwondo was boring. My dad heard this taekwondo school was near our house so we could be in a driving distance and not be too late for our classes. He wanted to check it out and I thought it was going to be very very boring.

I did the first set of things that I was supposed to do. I thought it was just hand and foot techniques, but even though it was hand and foot techniques, there were meaning to these movements. My teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, now master Bailey and Mr. Bailey really helped me. Mr. Bailey, who is my primary instructor helped me achieve this goal. They really are good teachers. But I had more than these two teachers.

We started off with Master and Mr. Bailey and then I met Mr. Dale, Mr. Ochiche and Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead these were the black belts that I saw first. But now Mr. ochiche and Mr. Dale have a different school at a church. The same church where some of my piano concerts are held. We had to go one day to the church to attend classes when there was little flood at our school. These were most of the people who helped me in my journey.

I have had the privilege to learn from grand masters, masters, other black belts who have instructed and helped me refine the techniques along the way. It is a big milestone for me and I couldn’t have done it without all of these black belts. There helped me with positioning, chambering, board breaks, forms, one steps, three steps and self defence techniques. Your guidance has been invaluable. And to this day I remember all my compliments, and if I didn’t have all of you black belts, I wouldn’t have gone this far.

So thank you all my dear black belts , masters, and grandmasters with all of your help I have my highest confidence that I can make it through this test and I really appreciate it. And when I pass the first black belt milestone I will have to embark upon my black belt journey.

Your future temp black belt, Sidd

PS: if I make it through my test you will call me Mr. S Gupta and if my dad makes it through, his name is Mr. V Gupta