My Tae Kwon Do Journey

Post date: Apr 29, 2017 8:7:2 PM

On January 4th, 2017 will mark the 33rd year as a martial artist in tae kwon do. What a journey it has been for me. So many wonderful memories that I am overwhelmed to remember them all. All the friends I have made through tae kwon do has made me rich, rich in friendships. These wonderful folks I have met have become my tae kwon do family. I am so blessed to have my tae kwon do family there for me over the years. My tae kwon do family has encouraged, motivated and supported me over those 32 years. It could be from a smile, to a bow or talking about tae kwon do to discussions on life events. These are the things I value most with my students, instructors and family members.

Having practiced tae kwon do for these many years I have learned to give credit to where credit is due. I would not be here today if it were not for Grandmaster Jung. His teachings over the years has inspired myself and thousands others as a martial artist. I cannot thank Grandmaster Jung enough for bringing tae kwon do to Iowa. I would like to thank my instructors Master Heintz and Master Bair. Both are great teachers and wonderful folks. In fact their teachings over the years has shaped my life. I have learned to become more mindful in my art and in life. I have learned the value for the fundamentals and basics as the true building blocks of tae kwon do. I want to thank my mentors in the art of tae kwon do. These instructors have been role models to me over the years. I want to thank Master Clinton, Master Samuelson, Master Krumie, Master McBroom, Masters Maxwell’s, Master Ferguson, Master Deaton, Master Williams, Master Netsch and Master Siever. I marvel at their talents and learn from them in class. I want to thank all the black belts at Two Rivers Martial Arts. I have learned so much from them over the years and I enjoyed working with them. Finally, I want to thank all the tae kwon do students I have worked with over these years. They in turn have taught me so much. They taught me to learn how to be patient and a better instructor, mentor and role model.

I will take this opportunity to thank all of the Jung’s family black belts such, Martial Arts America and New Heritage black belts. It has been an honor to train and learn with these great folks. I would like to highlight Grandmaster, Wood, Grandmaster Wells, Master Doctor Hall and Master Sledge. Their understanding of the art has deepened and impacted my learning of tae kwon do.

Tae kwon do has helped me become a better person in life. The tenets of tae kwon do have become instrumental in shaping my tae kwon do practice and in my personal life. Tae kwon do has helped keep me grounded during trying times and ordeals in my life. So many times I have called upon tae kwon do spirit to guide me and get me through difficult times and moments. As Grandmaster Jung states Tae kwon is in your heart and mind. I TOTALLY AGREE with this. This is what makes tae kwon do so rich and precious in our lives.

I am fortunate to be testing in Cedar Rapids for a higher Dan rank. After my test I plan to continue promoting tae kwon do as a tremendous family activity. I will continue to train, teach, share my knowledge, and help with testing of students, running our school’s tae kwon do tournament, teaching seminars and helping with self- defense clinics. These are the activities I love and enjoy. Pilsung!


Master Steve Gonzalez